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Athens and Santorini | Greece Travel Photography

Sunset in Santorini Greece travel photography

Travelling to Greece has been a lifelong dream of mine. I don’t remember when I heard about Santorini for the first time. But I knew then that if there was a place overseas where I really wanted to travel to it was definitely Greece. I dreamed of seeing the white cave houses in Santorini, the blue domed churches, with a view of the Aegean Sea in the background. I dreamed of eating gyros while watching the sunset in Oia. I dreamed of walking along the cobbled streets of Athens to see the archaeological sites.

So I hopped on a plane to Athens, spent a night in Pireaus, then rode a ferry to Spetses. Spent the 5 most amazing days in Spetses, learning about film photography. Then rode the ferry back to Athens to meet my husband for our second honeymoon (haha).

We spent 3 whole days in Athens eating gyros, souvlaki, grilled squid, and the most amazing smoked eggplant salad I've ever had. My husband took every chance to have a Freddo Cappuccino. While I took every chance to amaze the locals with his ability to read (but not understand) words written in the Greek alphabet.

We visited museums and most of the archaeological sites. Walked around residential neighborhoods looking for a good hole-in-the-wall restaurant. We did find a really good one called Της θεάτρου το στεκι close to the central market. The hike to the Acropolis was one of the highlights of the trip. As with having dinner with a view of the Parthenon on our last night in Athens.

We flew to Santorini early the next morning. The beautiful soft morning sun welcoming us to the island. We dropped our bags off at our hotel and walked to Fira. The island was still quiet, only a few shops were open. My husband ordered a Freddo Cappuccino on the way to Fira, while I got a crepe filled with banana and nutella.

Our days in Santorini were like this: Spoiled with the amazing view of the Aegean Sea. We spent hours walking in its beautiful streets. Snack in one hand, my film camera in the other. We found an amazing restaurant in Firostefani called To Briki. The food was great and the service was superb. I dare say it's cheap for Santorini. Their pulpo and fava dish was one of the most memorable dishes I've had so far.

We decided not to rent a car nor an ATV. So we took a bus to Perissa beach from Fira. I wanted to eat at a Fish Tavern by the beach because these kind of experiences excite me. We rode the bus back to Pyrgos, which was spectacular. Locals and frequent travelers to Santorini told me not to miss this place. It was amazing. It's like walking around the clean white cave houses in Imerogivli but with a real small town feel.

We did go to Oia to watch the sunset. Although, I could barely take a decent photo because of the number of tourists, I understand why people flock there. It was magical and I would pay to see it again.

Here are some of the photos I took with my film cameras while we were in Greece. Enjoy!

Temple of Hephaestus in Athens, Greece
Temple of Hephaestus in Athens, Greece
Ruins of Ancient Greece in Athens
View of the Temple of Hephaestus in Athens, Greece
Hadrian’s Library
Ruins of Hadrian’s Library in Athens, Greece
Temple of Zeus in Athens, Greece
Temple of Zeus with the Parthenon of Athens in the background
View of the Parthenon of Athens from Mars Hill
View of Athens Greece from the Parthenon
View of Athens from Mars Hill
Athens Street Art of Syntagma Square
Streets of Athens, Greece
Santorini travel photo
Santorini blue domes
Travel photo in Santorini, Greece
Donkeys in Santorini, Greece
Donkeys in Santorini, Greece
Oia Travel Photography, Santorini, Greece
Santorini, Greece travel photography
Walking during sunset in Santorini, Greece
Men playing guitar in Santorini, Greece
Perissa Beach in Santorini, Greece
A door in Pyrgos in Santorini, Greece
Santorini travel photography in Pyrgos
Church in Pyrgos in Santorini Island, Greece
Blue and white tones of Santorini, Greece
Church in Firostefani in Santorini, Greece
Cruise ship approaching Santorini Island, Greece
Sunset in Santorini Greece taken on film

Bridal Boudoir Inspiration | Fine Art Boudoir Photographer Europe

I had the incredible opportunity this year to have the work closest to my heart featured in Embrace Magazine, the top fine art boudoir publication in the world. Finally, a publication focused on telling stories through fine art boudoir imagery.

I wanted to share a few questions that I answered for my submission that was not included in the final feature to give you a glimpse into my creative process for this shoot.

What does the art of boudoir mean to you?

It is an expression of a woman's femininity without regard for the boundaries set by society of how a woman should act, look like, or be.

Boudoir imagery is powerful. How do you see it positively impacting Women?

My favourite boudoir photographers are women; the boudoir photographs I am drawn to are created by female photographers. For me, boudoir photography is art for women, made by women. For me, boudoir photography is more than just taking photos of the female body; it is an expression of the essence of the person, of the woman being photographed. It is important that the subtle intricacies of the person’s movements are captured, her mood, and how she feels that day. Therefore, boudoir photography creates a safe space for women to express themselves fully.

How do you hope to inspire other Women through the art of boudoir?

I wanted to express my own understanding of femininity and body positivity in the context of a bridal boudoir session. I found myself constantly frustrated with how the female body is portrayed in popular media so I wanted to contribute to the pool of work out there done by other creatives (photographers, musicians, painters, artists, writers) who create for themselves and other women. Ultimately, the art of boudoir is an expression. I hope this inspires women to be unafraid and unapologetic of who they are, their personalities or the shape of their bodies. I also hope this inspires other creatives, especially female creatives, to keep on creating and pushing boundaries.

Bridal boudoir photograph with bride wearing bridal lingerie and a tulle veil.
White pillows on a white bed with a light veil.
Handwritten love letter on handmade paper.
Bride wearing a veil and a soft white lace lingerie.
Diptych: Calligraphy on handmade paper (left), bridal boudoir portrait (right)
Bride getting ready wearing a lace lingerie and white robe made of silk and lace.
Bride getting ready photos.
Bride sitting on a chair wearing a long lace veil.
Bridal portrait with veil.
Diptych: handwritten love letter (left), bridal boudoir portrait (right)
Bridal boudoir portrait with a white lace veil.
Diptych: girl standing beside a window (left), girl lying down on the bed (right)
Girl wearing bridal lingerie lying down on a bed.
Bridal boudoir session in an altbau in Hamburg, Germany.
Bridal lingerie top.
Bridal lingerie bottom.
Bridal boudoir photo.
Bridal boudoir photo with bride lying down on white bed.
Diptych: close-up photo of bride’s manicure (left), bridal boudoir photo (right)
Bride getting ready close-up portrait.
Bride lying down on a white bed.

As featured on Embrace Magazine.

About the session:
The vision for this shoot was a calm and slow morning, prior to an intimate wedding. The bride is unhurried and relaxed. She takes her time getting out of bed, preparing herself and writes a love letter to her future husband; taking in the sweet silence of the morning before the rush and excitement of her wedding day. We all know that wedding days are typically stressful and chaotic, I want to tell brides that it doesn't have to be stressful and chaotic. That they have the choice to take their time and spend a few quiet moments alone.

The location is a private residence in a 19th-century apartment, called an "Altbau" in Germany, the world literally translates to "old building." Apartments in Altbaus typically have high ceilings and wooden floors, which was perfect for our vision for this shoot. We focused on minimalist elements as we wanted to highlight femininity and body positivity. I didn't want to distract the viewer from the feeling I want the photos to evoke so we eliminated unnecessary distracting details by just using a mattress, a few cushions, and a vintage chair.

Photography Camilla Cosme Photography | Stationery The Lisserei | Lingerie Be a Bride Brautmode | Hair and Make-up Chen Lau Beauty | Model Sina Modeling | Film lab Carmencita Film Lab

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