Athens and Santorini | Greece Travel Photography

Sunset in Santorini Greece travel photography

Travelling to Greece has been a lifelong dream of mine. I don’t remember when I heard about Santorini for the first time. But I knew then that if there was a place overseas where I really wanted to travel to it was definitely Greece. I dreamed of seeing the white cave houses in Santorini, the blue domed churches, with a view of the Aegean Sea in the background. I dreamed of eating gyros while watching the sunset in Oia. I dreamed of walking along the cobbled streets of Athens to see the archaeological sites.

So I hopped on a plane to Athens, spent a night in Pireaus, then rode a ferry to Spetses. Spent the 5 most amazing days in Spetses, learning about film photography. Then rode the ferry back to Athens to meet my husband for our second honeymoon (haha).

We spent 3 whole days in Athens eating gyros, souvlaki, grilled squid, and the most amazing smoked eggplant salad I've ever had. My husband took every chance to have a Freddo Cappuccino. While I took every chance to amaze the locals with his ability to read (but not understand) words written in the Greek alphabet.

We visited museums and most of the archaeological sites. Walked around residential neighborhoods looking for a good hole-in-the-wall restaurant. We did find a really good one called Της θεάτρου το στεκι close to the central market. The hike to the Acropolis was one of the highlights of the trip. As with having dinner with a view of the Parthenon on our last night in Athens.

We flew to Santorini early the next morning. The beautiful soft morning sun welcoming us to the island. We dropped our bags off at our hotel and walked to Fira. The island was still quiet, only a few shops were open. My husband ordered a Freddo Cappuccino on the way to Fira, while I got a crepe filled with banana and nutella.

Our days in Santorini were like this: Spoiled with the amazing view of the Aegean Sea. We spent hours walking in its beautiful streets. Snack in one hand, my film camera in the other. We found an amazing restaurant in Firostefani called To Briki. The food was great and the service was superb. I dare say it's cheap for Santorini. Their pulpo and fava dish was one of the most memorable dishes I've had so far.

We decided not to rent a car nor an ATV. So we took a bus to Perissa beach from Fira. I wanted to eat at a Fish Tavern by the beach because these kind of experiences excite me. We rode the bus back to Pyrgos, which was spectacular. Locals and frequent travelers to Santorini told me not to miss this place. It was amazing. It's like walking around the clean white cave houses in Imerogivli but with a real small town feel.

We did go to Oia to watch the sunset. Although, I could barely take a decent photo because of the number of tourists, I understand why people flock there. It was magical and I would pay to see it again.

Here are some of the photos I took with my film cameras while we were in Greece. Enjoy!

Temple of Hephaestus in Athens, Greece
Temple of Hephaestus in Athens, Greece
Ruins of Ancient Greece in Athens
View of the Temple of Hephaestus in Athens, Greece
Hadrian’s Library
Ruins of Hadrian’s Library in Athens, Greece
Temple of Zeus in Athens, Greece
Temple of Zeus with the Parthenon of Athens in the background
View of the Parthenon of Athens from Mars Hill
View of Athens Greece from the Parthenon
View of Athens from Mars Hill
Athens Street Art of Syntagma Square
Streets of Athens, Greece
Santorini travel photo
Santorini blue domes
Travel photo in Santorini, Greece
Donkeys in Santorini, Greece
Donkeys in Santorini, Greece
Oia Travel Photography, Santorini, Greece
Santorini, Greece travel photography
Walking during sunset in Santorini, Greece
Men playing guitar in Santorini, Greece
Perissa Beach in Santorini, Greece
A door in Pyrgos in Santorini, Greece
Santorini travel photography in Pyrgos
Church in Pyrgos in Santorini Island, Greece
Blue and white tones of Santorini, Greece
Church in Firostefani in Santorini, Greece
Cruise ship approaching Santorini Island, Greece
Sunset in Santorini Greece taken on film

The Yearly Round-Up: My 12 Favourite Photos from 2018

Ah friends, so here we are at the end of yet another year. I can’t help but be melancholic and introspective at the end of a year. 2018 has brought me to many beautiful places - Greece, France, Spain, The Netherlands, and Germany to name a few; and most importantly allowed me to meet so many inspiring people: from my couples, collaborators and vendors in the wedding industry all over Europe, and friends from all over the world. I have to pinch myself sometimes that I get to live my dream life and call myself a wedding photographer because it is indeed the best job in the world!

To close-off the year, I wanted to share my twelve favourite photographs of 2018. These are the photos that are most memorable to me. Most of these I dug up from memory. These are the photos that made me feel fulfilled once I saw them at the back of my camera or after I received my scans from my film lab. These are the photos that defined myself as a photographer this year. They are not necessarily “pretty” by most wedding blogs’ standards but they made me feel proud of the work I’ve done this year.

Lesbian civil wedding in Hamburg. LGBT couple Standesamt wedding in Hamburg.

Starting off with the wedding of Linda and Gülli, my Frau and Frau Yildirim, at a Registry Office in Hamburg. This wedding will forever be etched in my memory. Germany legalised same-sex marriages on 1 October 2017 after winning a majority vote in the Bundestag. When Linda told me that her partner is female I didn’t hesitate to mention that it is part of my Bucket List to accompany a LGBTQ wedding and here we are ticking that off my list. Their ceremony was one of the simplest and yet one of the most emotional ceremonies I’ve witnessed.

Bridal portrait in Poseidonion Grand Hotel in Spetses Island, Greece

The gorgeous Katerina wearing this beautiful Galia Lahav couture gown at the roof deck of Poseidonion Grand Hotel in Spetses, Greece was my top bridal portrait of the year. How could you compete with the beautiful warm sunlight in Greece? See more of this shoot as featured on Bridal Musings.

Bride getting ready at Hotel Süllberg in Hamburg Blankenese
Bride getting ready at Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Hamburg Germany

One of my favourite parts of a wedding day is the bride’s getting ready. There are so many emotions during these very busy hours: excitement, anxiety, restlessness, pure joy and contentment are just some of the few emotions I usually see and feel during the preparations. Here are two of my favourites this year. Top: A close-up of the bride’s accessories, I love that she wore a monogrammed silk robe with her initial. Bottom: The bride’s maid-of-honour and bestfriend helps her into her dress. A look of nervousness can be felt from the bride’s expression. Indeed, getting into your wedding dress is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences you will have on the wedding day.

Wedding at Parc del Laberint d’Horta Barcelona Spain

We originally wanted to move to Barcelona so I made a list of the locations I wanted to shoot in and Parc del Laberint d’Horta is on top of my list. I got the chance to shoot there last July for Lara and Helio’s pre-wedding session. I love everything about this session: this super upbeat and sweet couple, the simple bouquet from a local florist, and this gorgeous location. This pre-wedding session was featured over at Trendy Bride.

Portrait of a groom at a destination wedding in Greece
Portrait of a bride at a destination wedding in Greece

Two perfect individual bride and groom portraits. This real couple from Berlin joined us to be our models for the Phos Workshop in Spetses, Greece. Our location for this early morning shoot was a secluded public beach in this beautiful Greek Island. I gasped once we arrived at the location: clear tranquil waters, light sandy beach, and a clean horizon - this is exactly my aesthetic.

Wedding photo at Fürst Bismarck Mühle

My favourite moments are still the candid ones. Like this one from A & M’s wedding in May. The father of the bride said a joke during his speech which caused an eruption of laughter in the room. Here I got a shot of the bride and groom laughing at each other.

Couple kissing in front of Plaza Catalunya’s fountain in Barcelona, Spain

I love this photo because it’s proof to myself that moving out of my comfort zone pays off. I don’t usually like photos with tiny people in them. I used to feel like it’s not my style because I like capturing feelings and emotions. I want to feel something when I look at a photo and I want my clients to do so too. But I just couldn’t resist taking a shot of the Palacio Nacional of Barcelona with my couple. And it did pay off because they love this photo!

Anniversary session at Barcelona, Spain

A perfect example of what I said about capturing emotions. Love this candid shot of P & D at a sunset shoot in Barcelona. I just asked them to walk up the stairs and interact. All I had to do was click the shutter and make sure I don’t miss a step. I just love her smile and the way he looks at her.

Wedding at Der Hamburger und Germania Ruder Club

My eyes long for symmetry plus I’ve always had a vision of a couple walking down or up the stairs. Symmetry and stairs, someday I will get the perfect symmetrical shot but this candid photo from M & H’s wedding comes close to perfection.

Couple session at Gothic Quarter Barcelona

The sun was just starting to rise over the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona. I took this photo around the tail-end of our session. I just asked them to relax, interact, and kiss. I never think of creating a perfect photo when I enter a session, but sometimes something magical happens and you just get that perfect photo, like this one. The light enveloping my couple, the empty streets of the Gothic Quarter, and this gorgeous French couple. They say you’ll have career-defining photographs. I am far from that but this photo here is perfect, for me. Looking at it makes me feel proud to be a photographer. I can definitely say that this is my photo of the year.

What do you think about my selection? Do you have some favourites here too? Let me know in the comments!

Boho Chic Outdoor Wedding in Germany | Hamburg Wedding Photographer

Diptych: left - spring flowers; right - wedding dress on a tree
Photo of lavender flowers

We arrived at Landhaus Westerhof, a wedding venue just outside Hamburg, on a balmy mid-May afternoon. Mischa, the groom, was helping set-up the reception area. Franzi, the bride, was upstairs getting ready in one of the rooms made available for the wedding party. She looked very relaxed and quite excited. She spent a few days prior to the wedding putting finishing touches to a few wedding decorations that she made herself - from the wedding invites, to the menu cards, escort cards, and a few decorations they placed at the reception area. Everything about this DIY wedding was well thought of and reflected this sweet couple’s personality. I personally love the bright pops of yellow in the bride’s shoes and in the groom’s socks. And the bride’s boho chic flower crown perfectly matching her rustic (yet playful) bouquet.

Franzi arrived in a vintage VW campervan at the ceremony area purposely built by the owners of Landhaus Westerhof for outdoor weddings. after which the guests were treated to cocktails and refreshments on the spacious lawn. We stole a few minutes for portraits before the start of the wedding reception. The couple decided to serve a BBQ buffet at the reception to celebrate the start of summer. In this Northern European city which only gets an average of 65 sunny days in a year (that’s roughly just 3 months of sunshine!) people take advantage of the warm weather to have outdoor barbecues. We ended the day with a few photos taken during golden hour at a beautiful Canola field just a few minutes away from Landhaus Westerhof before the couple rejoined their guests for dinner.

Wedding ceremony in Landhaus Westerhof, Germany.
Bride and groom ceremony chairs.
Outdoor wedding games
Groom getting ready with his best man
Groom’s accessories for a wedding day
Bride’s wedding day accessories on a chair
Bride putting on her shoes
Mother and daughter portrait on a wedding day
Bride getting ready with her mom and her maid of honour
Sweet moment between the bride and her maid of honour
Cool vintage VW van as bridal car
Bride and her brother
Bride walking down the aisle
Freie Trauung in Landhaus Westerhof
Groom and bride during the ceremony
Guests at an outdoor wedding
Guests at an outdoor wedding
Bride and groom holding hands during the ceremony
Modern groom wearing yellow socks
Groom looks at bride while she reads her vows
Bride reading her vows
Bride looks at groom while he reads his vows
Exchange of rings
First kiss of the bride and groom
Smiling father and mother of the groom
Groom kisses bride during ceremony exit
Outdoor cocktail hour in Landhaus Westerhof
Cocktails and refreshments during cocktail hour
Landhaus Westerhof wedding reception
Wedding reception decoration
Sunny outdoor wedding in Hamburg, Germany
Bride and groom photos in a VW minivan
Bride and groom portraits with a VW vintage minibus
Happy newly married couple in a VW vintage minibus
Boho chic bridal portrait
Boho chic bride style
Bride and groom walking towards the forest
Bride and groom portraits
Bride and groom looking at each other
Cutest bride and groom walking towards a line of trees
Bride and groom individual portraits
Sweet moment between bride and groom
Bride and groom boho footwear
Bride and groom walking towards a Canola field
Wedding photos in a Canola field
Happy bride and groom
Bride and groom in a Canola field
Bride hugging groom
Bride and groom walking towards the reception hall
Bride and groom enjoying the sunset
Two horses
Bride and groom looking at the horses

Second shot for Collect Moments Photography.

Planning to get married in 2019? I would love to photograph your outdoor wedding in Germany. Get in touch!